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pallete .. Thermoimagen 6/28/2004
Flir guys..

ii would like to ask if is available a color pallete for thermacam software like the used at picture and where i can downloaded..

picture taken from

tenk u ..

Re:pallete .. Bob Berry 6/28/2004
The closest pallette I can see to this is Glowbow. This is in thermacam explorer. You can copy this to your report software pretty easily, but I dont think you can copy it onto the camera.
Re:pallete .. JKEngineer 6/29/2004
Sorry to disagree, it certainly does not look like the Glowbow that I have.

The palettes that come with Thermacam Explorer can be copied to the palette directory of other FLIR software products and used there. (or the reverse) This palette does not quite match any that I currently have in my Explorer, although Mid-grey is close, but with less distinction at the color breaks.

You can also edit a palette file to create your own. Just be sure to make a backup copy first!

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Re:pallete .. Manuel 7/2/2004
hi guys,

i ask about the pallet to the owner and designer, i apreciate the mail send it to me and i want to share with you guys,,

Dear Roberto:

The palette was developed specifically for our Teletherm infrared
imagers using the Teletherm image processing software. It is a
copyrighted format and not available for other machines or users of
other equipment.

Thank you for your interest.


G.J. Rockley
Director of Operations
Teletherm infrared division
Ashwin Systems Int'l. Inc. />
Re:pallete .. Manuel 7/2/2004
i dont remember if jim or jason has developmented some kind pallet software..

i would like to heard from Flir ..

Re:pallete .. Jim Haney 8/17/2004
This image really doesn't look like any of our pallets. I have software that was developed to convert our pallets and create custom pallets. If you would like a copy please email me.

Please keep in mind this is unsupported software and takes some time to learn.


Jim haney

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