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NFPA 70??? David Norton 5/17/2012
Hi everyone. Can anyone share tips and tricks as to completing an IR survey of industrial electrical panels while still complying with NFPA 70? Here are two things that I am currently finding difficult...

1- Arc flash hood is dark green tint. I believe I can still properly focus, but does it help to use a grey palette so the green hood isn't affecting colors?

2- If my distance to the panel components needs to be within the protected range I must wear gloves. We are required to wear leather protectors over our gloves. Unfortunately, I cannot use my touchsceen on my camera with the leather protectors on. I'm finding out if I can just use the rubber liners because my touchscreen still works. In the meantime I am getting comfortable with using the buttons to control everything.

Anyway, if there is anyone out there who has experience with panel surveys under these conditions I'd love to hear your thoughts.


David Norton
S.C. Johnson & Sons, Inc.
Racine, Wi, USA
I have to Comply David Norton 5/17/2012
Here is more information...

I am not looking for a way around wearing the proper arc flash ppe. I am an industrial electrician and have been complying with NFPA 70 for nearly two years. Due to some of our panel class ratings the "space suit" is mandatory. I am just asking for advice from those who have to operate within these rules.

Also, thank you Bernie and ITC for the awesome Level 1 training last week in Chicago. I believe I now know just enough to not cost us a bunch of money by poor interpretations of IR images...LOL.

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