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Aviation applications please NDT Tech 6/29/2004
I am interested in finding any sites that may assist me in finding new ways to utilize our camera in the aviation area. I found the lock-in thermography page but it lead to another question. which is can the p-60 be used in this application and if so where can I research the procurment of a thermal wave source, and instruction on utilizing this technique?
Re:Aviation applications please Manuel 6/30/2004
hi ..

i think will be easiest for all of us, to know little more about what you have done in aviation.

then, will be easiest for us to tell you about what more can be done..

don't you????..

Re:Aviation applications please NDT Tech 6/30/2004
I was previously an aviation systems technician working on airframe, areoengines, weapon systems, safety systems, and air electrical. I have since moved into the nondestructive testing field where I use LPI, MPI, ET, UT, RT, and IR... but the IR is new to our field in our shop and we are currently exploring new applications and/or old applications that we might be able to use...
Re:Aviation applications please Jed 7/7/2004
I have led IR field applications in Navy applications and have written several articles on the subject. I mainly use IR for troubleshooting bleed air leaks, electrical distribution, hydraulics and engine analysis.

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