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Do's and don'ts of strapless dresses TASREF 5/30/2012
• DO make sure your arms are well toned – strapless dresses draw attention to the arms and neck
• DON’T shy away from strapless dresses because you think you may be too busty. Curvy, well-proportioned figures suit strapless best
• DO wear well-fitted, comfortable, supportive underwear. The right strapless bra will make all the difference
• DON’T worry if you have largish hips and things. A-line styles are a great disguise for chunky middle areas
• DO choose a dress with boning and have it adjusted until it fits you like a glove. You don’t want to be pulling it up or bulging over the top all day
• DON’T worry about your top slipping down all day long. Boning works wonders
• DO get an expertly-fitted bra
• DON’T dismiss patterned or embroidered bodices as a style that may suit. If you are going for a strapless dress, the detail can often be carried best on the bodice, otherwise you risk looking a bit bottom-heavy
• DO cover up for the ceremony or church service. Choose a dress with a matching bolero, shawl, stole or cape, to reveal the dress in its full glory later in the day
• DON’T overdo it with the jewellery, especially on the neck – clutter it up and people will be noticing your jewellery, not you or your dress
• DO be more adventurous with your hair. You could wear your hair down, or even consider extensions for a stunning mane which brushes your shoulders
• DON’T forget that you can still wear a veil – choose your style carefully so as to complement the dress, not clash with it

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