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Thermacam Reporter 2002 severino 5/21/2003
I would like to create automatically the electrical inspection summary at the end of a report model, containing the component description, page and evaluation.
Have you got any experience how to do that?
Thanks in advance
RE:Thermacam Reporter 2002 jgagnon 5/23/2003
If you are using Reporter 2000 Professional a Summary table can be used to automatically create a summary of your report. With this table you can link each column to any of the IR image properties, including text comments, and it will automatically add a row to the table for each IR image page in the report.

The Summary table can only be used on a front or back page, so if you don't already have a page you must add one by selecting Page -> Add from the pull-down menus. Once the page is added you can click on the Summary table tool button and then click on the page to add the table. For more details you can contact me directly by e-mail at


Jason Gagnon
FLIR Systems Technical Support
Re:Thermacam Reporter 2002 thermoimagen 2/5/2004
wow, thats great, in irwin5.3.1 i had to create a table with fields, then conect each field to the image's parameters i want to show .. seems pretty easy like this ..

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