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business insurance reville 9/15/2003
i agree that this question is not specific to thermograpy as application, but i need some experienced individual thermographers to offer their knowledge. i am an individual, self-employed, not connected with a company. i have been running into a brick wall regarding general liability coverage. there doesn't seem to be any companies willing to cover ir work. i am not rendering opinions, only "taking pictures" and the underwriters either don't understand what i do or it seems to be unprofitable to insure a "commercial photographer". any suggestions as to a source ?
Business Insurance JW 10/19/2003
I'm not sure what state you are operating in, but my local insurance agent was able to secure a general contractor's liability policy for me from RSI International in Arlington, Texas. It took quite a while to find somebody who didn't act like they had no idea what thermography is! Anyway, RSI has a web page at
Maybe you can get some information from there.
Same problem in Ontario, Canada TPB 11/6/2003
I don't have a solution yet, but I am running into exactly the same problem here in the province of Ontario, Canada. I also am an individual who is (newly) self-employed. I was told by a prospective customer (a paper mill) that I will not be able to access their site until I can prove that I have 2 million dollars in general liability insurance. So far, 2 different insurance brokers have told me that all of the many insurance companies they deal with have said no. In addition to their ignorance regarding thermography, the issue appears to be as follows: the insurance companies are concerned that, because of the nature of IR work, if they provide general liability insurance they will also be liable for "errors and omissions", ie. professional liability. The option being suggested to me is to obtain the general liability insurance from a company which specializes in professional liability insurance (ENCON in Canada), so the policy would be written in such a way as to carefully distinguish between the two. I am now looking into this.

ais ais 11/6/2003
I have insurance for my business throuht Hartford Insurance. Find an agent in your area.
Insurance in Ontario, CAN MikeD 11/15/2003
I got camera and General Liability Ins with ING but I had to get it thro a broker. I am an individual and the cost was high.
Re:business insurance ECS 2/16/2010
Look along the insured field of home inspection or building inspection by contacting some business people in these fields. Insurance companies need to see this as a new business stream for income and develope a category for this field.

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