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PM695 NTSC eddie 9/22/2003
Have 2 year old Thermacam Serial Number 15210405 for sale. Purchased new from Flir. No longer in business. $35,000 continental United States only. Email for particulars. Located in Mississippi.
Interested Dusty 10/27/2003
Your email address is not working. If you still want to sell your camera, please contact me at .
Serial Number Ing. Zamora 8/6/2005
I adquiried a camera ThermoCam P65, but dont remenber in that pleasure save my documents for the installation of program Report 7, and i need work with him in this days

Who can obtain there serial number???

My number of certificated it´s 23401665

Thanks for your speed resquest

I´m from mexico City

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