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Induction Heating? Wayne Tan 7/18/2004
Hi guys,

Based on the picture what do you think could cause the heating around the cable gland.

*visually all the grounding cables are burnt rotten.

cables from left to right are Neutral, Blue, Yellow & Red rspectively
Re:Induction Heating? Manuel 7/19/2004
hi ..

to be sure is induction or not, there is a simple way to determine that.

could you please tell us how much current per wire you have there? ..

good luck.
Re:Induction Heating? IRJay 7/19/2004
My first guess is that the cables are shorting to ground through the insulation at those spots. Induced heating would not be quite so pronounced around the cable and the iduced heat would stretch between the cables causing it.
Re:Induction Heating? pktsgt 7/21/2004
Any way you can give us a visual picture along with the IR picture? Also what are the wires connected to? and with what type of material? Was there a lube solution used to pull the wires in with and that left behind?
Re:Induction Heating? jmar 8/4/2004
You did not state what the floor plate material is steel or aluminum. I suggest splitting the floor materials through the center line of the cables, if the material is steel. You have 12 cables, that means 3 cuts across the entry.
Re:Induction Heating? RonFrend 8/4/2004
I have attached an image of a transformer connection box which had an inductive heating problem. You can see though that the pattern is different to the one you have.
In this image you can see that the heating is not as severely localised.
The solution was to change the (steel) plate with a fibre plate.
Re:Induction Heating? muki 8/23/2004
Hi guys!

Some more inductions (current is 1000A on 10kV). Here You can see nicelly how induction is distributed.....
Re:Induction Heating? Bob Berry 8/23/2004
Heres another induction image. This time its localised to a bolt. In this case the recomendation is to replace the bolt with non-ferrous type bolts. The same should apply to your base plates also, if possible change them for non-ferrous plates its usually the easiest solution.
Re:Induction Heating? Wayne Tan 8/25/2004
Hi guys,

here is the photo taken at same angle.
Re:Induction Heating? Wayne Tan 8/25/2004
This is another angle which offer a better view.
Re:Induction Heating? Induction1 9/27/2006
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Re:Induction Heating? Laland 10/8/2006
Have you asked if there is a heater underneath?
Re:Induction Heating? Pete 10/12/2006
Has there been a opportunity to Hi-pot or perform a Partial Discharge test on these cables yet?

What is the operating voltage and current of this system?

Are these shielded cables. If so, are the high voltage terminations and shield grounds intact ?

I tend to agree with IRjay about some damage to the insulation. Justing looking at the last pictures you posted it appears there might be a slight indication of Corona damage on the front yellow lead. Hard to tell looking at a picture.
Re:Induction Heating? newguy 10/12/2006
I may be wrong, but don't you need to mix phase wires when going through an opening? I thought if you didn't the EMF field would not collapse and it would produce a heat problem.

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