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Detection of false coloration of ornaments and gold coins abby 7/21/2004
I am new to the field of IR Thermography, the problem I am trying to address requires me to be able to detect "false coloration" of ornaments, and gold coins.

To be more precise, several precious metals are frequently acid washed, or chemically treated to make them have a different color/lustre.

Furthurmore, is it possible to determine "the degree of corrosion of a metallic surface" or "wether the surface is corroding"?

I am not sure IR Thermography may have the solutions to these problems, any help will be greatly appreciated.

thanks, abby.
Re:Detection of false coloration of ornaments and gold coins pktsgt 7/21/2004

I do not believe IR can help you. IR shows a difference in temperatures of a object. IF you tried to experiment with this the object would have to be heated or cooled at least 10 degrees above/below room temperature. Then the object could be looked at with an IR camera you would have to try this on objects that you know have been corroded or chemically cleaned and on the exact same object that has Not been so you could strat to make a base line to see if this is a possible method to use. Then in the future you would have to heat or cool like objects to the same temp. as your base line.

Hope this helps.
Re:Detection of false coloration of ornaments and gold coins Michael 12/3/2004
If you are looking to verify material quality or composition, Niton Analyzers will provide you with extremely accurate molecular composition.

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