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IR Window on HT Switchgear tengster 8/9/2004
Most of the switchgear is manufactured with certain design criteria such as IP 65 or IP55 or etc. What will happen to the IP rating if IR Window is installed on those HT switchgear to facilitate scanning?

What will be the repercussion? Any tests done on the switchboard for "before and after"?
Re:IR Window on HT Switchgear Bob Berry 8/9/2004
I am unsure how the IP rating will be efected, but I have it pretty good authourity that retrofitting windows will invalidate the type testing ( depending on the exact location). My assumption is that your IP rating will be affected. You need to contact the switchgear manufacturer to find out exactly where these can be fitted without creating too many problems.
Re:IR Window on HT Switchgear tengster 8/9/2004
Thanks for your prompt reply. We have contacted the manufacturer but they arent keen of the idead. They hinted IP rating (for impact and dust control) could be affected i.e. cut a hole on the panel door and put a window on it.....
Re:IR Window on HT Switchgear tengster 8/9/2004
oppsss....IP = Ingress Protection....IP65...first digit indicated protection against ingress of solids while the 2nd digit is protection against ingress of liquids.....

with a cut hole on the panel and install the IR window, will this affect the above?
Re:IR Window on HT Switchgear Tony Holliday 8/13/2004
I think we need to be clear on the initial question here, which was will the IP rating of the switchgear be degraded if an IR window is installed.

The answer to this question is, "It depends on the IP rating of the switchgear and the IP rating of the infrared window you are installing".

For example, if you have an IP55 rated panel and you wish to install a product that is say IP22 then yes, this installation will degrade the IP rating of the host equipment. IF however the panel holds a IP55 rating and the window holds a IP65 rating then the installation will NOT detrimentally effect the original ingress protection rating of the host equipment. This is the whole point of having an accessory such as an ir window tested in this manner.

Also, don't forget, that it is not just HT switchgear that holds such ratings, they are just as prevolant in LV systems....

If you would like more information on anything discussed above, then please drop me a line and I will be glad to help.

Best regards,

Tony Holliday
Hawk IR International Ltd.
Tel. 011 44 1642 497000
Re:IR Window on HT Switchgear MERALCO 8/14/2004
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Re:IR Window on HT Switchgear tengster 8/19/2004
Hi Tony

Thanks for your reply.

1. Is that true that the IR windows could be IP rated as well?
2. Is there any test required to be carried out to certify the IP rating...let say my client intend to install an IP55 IR windows on an IP55 HT/LV panel.

Thank you

Re:IR Window on HT Switchgear Tony Holliday 8/20/2004
Hi Tengster,

The answers to our questions are;

(1)Yes it is possible to IP rate an infrared window, to see what an IR window IP certificate looks like, follow this link to our website Our UL certificate is on there also if you are interested.

(2)If the panel is IP55 and the window has been tested and certified IP55 also, then it can be installed onto your panel without affecting the host equipments' original IP rating. I would recommend you contact the original manufacturer if the switchgear is still under warrenty.

See below an image of a set of Hawk IR Sightglasses installed on outdoor 15kV switches. This is an example of a correctly tested and designed product being installed in an environment that will put the products' IP/NEMA rating to the test.

Hope this helps, for more information on IP ratings, etc. drop me a line on

Re:IR Window on HT Switchgear Tony Holliday 8/20/2004
Sorry, the link to our certification is

I hope it works this time!

Re:IR Window on HT Switchgear tengster 8/21/2004
Thanks Tony...after goin thru the website, I could now understand better of the IR windows....

Coincidentally, my contact here is recommending your products.

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