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Quantifying thermal radiation of walruses Gary Orlove 6/21/2000
I am looking for some info on quantifying the thermal radiation of walruses using IR cameras. If anyone has dealt with the subject on large mammals, I would appreciate a contact or e-mail. Horses and typical veterinarian uses for thermography aren't quite the same from what I've seen. Some of the problems faced in Greenland are that the animals will be sunbathing and subject to environmental conditions. Please e-mail me, or call (978) 901-8405 if you have any leads.

Sincerely, Joe DeMonte itc Thermography Instructor
RE:Quantifying thermal radiation of walruses Gary Orlove 7/27/2000
A description of thermal conditions relating to Komodo dragons can be found at this link. I know they use a combination of IR and a data logger to measure surface and core body temperatures. See

For more information, contact Trooper Walsh at the National Zoo in Washington, D.C.
RE:Quantifying thermal radiation of walruses Gary Orlove 9/5/2000
Just came across this little piece about pinniped thermography.
Re:Quantifying thermal radiation of walruses Gary Orlove 1/28/2004
Thermoregulation in Steller sea lions: an experimental approach.
The exchange of heat between a homeothermic animal's body and it's environment can be expressed in terms of heat flow, also called heat flux, typically stated in units of energy transferred per surface area (W m^-2).


Thermal windows on the trunk of hauled-out seals: hot spots for thermoregulatory evaporation?

Gary Orlove
Infrared Training Center

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