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Need opinions pktsgt 8/16/2004

I know I have asked a load question But what the heck

My boss a non Thermographer has ordered me a new camera. It is a IR FlexCam T from infrared solutions. Anybody out there have one? Need good points and bad points of it. Any problems using it in any situation?

I mainly look at low voltage panels and some roofs

But we may have to broaden our scope of work in the near future.

You can email me at the below address to keep information confidential.

Thanks in advance guys,
Re:Need opinions infraredservice4u 8/17/2004
The flex is a 160 X 120 camera just like the flir E cameras; however it weighs 3X as much as an E. It doesn’t have a laser locator and only scans at half the speed of an E. The LCD screen does not work well outdoors. It doesn’t have the functionality of an E, it has only one movable spot. The flex will measure up to 392 F, an E will measure up to 482 F, or higher with optional calibration. The flex has no shock rating and you can’t charge the battery in the camera like you can an E. The flex T is expensive for a 160X120. It costs over $18K and doesn’t have text or a radiometric image, so you can’t post process the images. In order to do text and post processing you have to buy the full blown flexcam which sells for over $24K.

hope that helps
Re:Need opinions Manuel 8/17/2004
if your boss already orderer, well, then this is history.

the only think i learn here is that with a lot places where to read and get enough information, sellers who can show the products before buy, we still having chiefs and executives that take important and costly desitions that impact in our jobs.

take care and good luck

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