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Demonstration SC3000 for sale Azar 8/16/2004
If you require a high performance calibrated thermal imaging camera for advanced thermal testing that delivers excellent sensitivity ( < .02˚) and resolution (320x240 QWIP detector), the SC3000 is the right choice for the job. I am currently selling demonstration SC3000 's for under $40,000 with a FULL one year factory warranty. The SC3000 is compatible with all current FLIR Researcher Software. This is a great opportunity if you currently own a FLIR SC camera or a first time buyer interested in a camera for an upcoming project that requires outstanding imaging performance.

SC3000 Features:
• Extraordinary image quality in the long wave spectral band.
• High image resolution with the 320 x 240 FPA QWIP detector
• Low noise performance – ensured by a sensitivity of <20mK.
• Wide temperature measurement ranges due to long wave operation and 14-bit digitalization.
• High image stability and uniformity.
• High speed data acquisition up to 900 Hz

Check out the SC3000 at or Contact me directly at 866-477-3687

Due to licensing requirements and export restriction North America Inquiries only
Re:Demonstration SC3000 for sale judy in alaska 12/5/2004
Hello is your SC 3000 still for sale?
Re:Demonstration SC3000 for sale Azar 1/21/2005
I still have a SC3000 for sale please contact me directly and we can discuss the different packages I have available.

Azar Z Louh

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