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Trying to understand IR IRcurious 8/19/2004
Hi folks,
I'm trying to understand why infrared is such a hot technology right now? Seems as though spending on IR is outpacing most other areas of technology right now.

If you are a purchaser of IR equipment, could you help me understand what applications are driving this growth? Also, by how much do you anticipate your purchases of IR equipment will increase next year (is the growth sustainable)?

Thank you much for helping me understand what I'm missing here.
Re:Trying to understand IR Scott Willits 8/21/2004
In a nutshell, it becomes more important every day for companies to run as efficiently as they possibly can to remain competitive. Those that don't are doomed to fail. Predictive maintenance (PdM) programs have been proven to cut costs such that every dollar invested in condition monitoring returns itself many times over in operational savings. That's better than increased sales because dollar-for-dollar it's added directly to the bottom line.

Well rounded PdM programs rely on a host of technologies: vibration analysis, oil analysis, ultrasound, and others, all integrated into computerized maintence monitoring systems. But across all disciplines infrared has perhaps the widest applicability of all, and various studies have shown that of all the returns on investment in PdM, infrared consistently accounts for more than half.

I'm very optimistic in the continuing growth of this industry. Anything than has such cross-polliation potential, that has already been proven so cost-effective, and yet so many people in so many fields are still completely unfamiliar with, has simply got to be primed for exponential growth in our lifetime.
Re:Trying to understand IR infraredservice4u 8/23/2004
IR technology is growing exponentially. It has only gained broad acceptance as an invaluable safety and efficiency tool in the past few years. last year flir had a conference and over 250 people came to las vegas to learn more about IR. When I started in the business no one even knew what infrared was. Now it seems like there is a new application for IR every week, its on TV all the time.
Re:Trying to understand IR IRcurious 8/24/2004
I guess the question then becomes, why is it that IR technology is seeing "exponential growth" only now, despite the fact that the technology has been around for decades? Have people simply found new ways of using it, or is there something about the technology that's fundamentally changed and made it more applicable to a broader range of uses?
Re:Trying to understand IR Carl M 8/25/2004
Just a short time ago (20-30 years) IR cameras were contained in vans as their peripheral equipment was so bulky. Then they got small enough to wheel around indoors on carts and dollies but still required charges of liquid nitrogen for cooling. Progess now has given us IR cameras the size and convenience of digital video cameras...and smaller. Prices have also decreased along with the size.

Re:Trying to understand IR IR101 8/25/2004
I am also trying to understand Infrared Market. Any experts here can give me some pointers on how to get my arms around this? What is the market potential (market size, growth), future potential uses etc.

For a starter, Automotives are using IR technlogy for night vision. Any ideas on how many of them are used in vehicles? How many more might be demanded?
Re:Trying to understand IR buckeyeboy 9/1/2004
More and more I am finding that, at least in Illinois, Insuance companies are requiring companies to have electrical inspections done at least once a year. My work load for IR has trippled this past year.
Re:Trying to understand IR P3 9/16/2004
Hi i'm a newbie ^_^

Samebody knows where i can donwload information about IR termography?esquematics pictures of a detector, influences of the atmosphera, etcc

Thanks a lot

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