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CNN Recommends IR for school roofs Scott Willits 9/1/2004
Well, not specifically, but this article blames the recent collapse of a school roof on a particular type of joist that was common in schools built prior to 1970, with accumulated moisture from undetected leaks being the fatal flaw. According to the article, NY state education officials are urging all schools to get thorough roof inspections to avert such disasters in the future:

"But others point out that leaky roofs are common at schools around the country amid state deficits that have resulted in cuts to school district maintenance budgets.

Waltham, Massachusetts, structural fault investigator Joe Zona said the roof collapse in Washingtonville could be a sign of potential problems elsewhere.

"When you know something like that can happen, it's hard to argue against inspection," he said."

More at the link:
Re:CNN Recommends IR for school roofs STLIR 2/15/2005
Here's a new link to the above mentioned article.

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