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Reporter Software Edd Hindmarsh 9/4/2004
I use a PM 575, and Reporter Software. No matter which palette I use when I save an image, it always reverts back to Iron when downloaded onto the PC. I have tried to make a Report, change the palette to grey, copy the image, and save it in IMG format using grey: it still saves it as Iron, although once into a Report and saved, it saves correctly. I desperately need to save some images in Grey, for onward transmission to another colleague, any solutions please.
Re:Reporter Software ron lucier 9/4/2004
Two things:

Open your template, change the default palette for the image (click on the image, right click, Settings) to grey. You can save the template as another file name if you want to have reports in color or grey.

Second, with the camera running, change the palette to gray. Then shut it off, grey should then be the default palette.

I use the grey scale almost exclusively when in the field but most people receiving the report expect it in color. I can always focus better in grey, though. Having only a Liquid Nitrogen filled Inframetrics 525 20 years ago... well old habits die hard!

If you still have trouble, call for support:

Jason Gagnon 978-901-8413
Jim Haynie 978-901-8232

They will both be in the office next week (as I will).

Good Luck,

Ron Lucier - ITC Boston
978-764-7020 (cell) or 978-901-8675 (office)
Re:Reporter Software Edd Hindmarsh 9/5/2004
Thanks very much for replying so fast, I think that you have solved my problem
Edd Hindmarsh
Re:Reporter Software Haydel 10/11/2004
I have had various problems with the Reporter 7.0 series software, you name it I probably experienced it. Most to all of them are related to the software program and Microsoft Word communications. I have fixed most of my problems by contacting technical support at flir. Note: I Received an upgrade disk from Flir to replace the first Reporter software.
Re:Reporter Software Sugi 6/30/2006
Help me

Several times when I wanted to open the report, warning box (Microsoft Visual Basic Link) said: "Can't exit design mode because Control 'MtxProfile14' can not be created" and then I wouldn't be able to edit the report. And the back up file (exactly the same size) couldn't be edited.

After It happened to me for the second time, I always make two back up file for one edited file, first with the same name and the other with different name. Still they couldn't be edited when the warning box appeared.

I'll cry if this happen again:(

Re:Reporter Software Jim Haney 12/14/2006

Please keep in mind, the best thing to do if you're having trouble with a product is to contact FLIR directly. You will get a response and a solution much faster.

Jim Haney 978-901-8232
Jason Gagnon 978-901-8413

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