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Inframation 2004 Charles Bartlett 9/9/2004

I am interested in attending Inframation 2004 as the program looks very informative. However, I am surprised that there are no camera vendors except for FLIR. I am soon in the market for a camera and want to see my options. Do you expect to have vendors this year or in the future?
Re:Inframation 2004 ron lucier 9/10/2004
Thank you for your interest in our conference. The primary focus of Inframation has always been and will continue to be EDUCATION. This is a wonderful opportunity for infrared thermographers to exchange their experience and to disseminate their collective experience.

You will see from the website that we have 47 papers being presented at the conference. Of those only 3 are from the Infrared Training Center! That means that 44 thermographers have taken the time and effort to present their experience to their peers. That's quite a commitment on their part!

Add the fact that there are 11 infrared clinics - short training sessions - on a wide variety of topics and you can see that Education, not Sales, is the primary focus.

FLIR will have IR camera products at the conference but the true utility of any infrared camera is best demonstrated on-site, at your facility and for your particular application.

You will certainly learn more from a one-on-one visit and most IR camera vendors are more than willing to address your application directly. If you can't arrange a visit from an IR camera vendor, then you probably don't want to buy from them. There are plenty of IR camera users represented at the conference so you will certainly be able to identify which suppliers you may want to contact.

I hope you do attend Inframation 2004. I look forward to seeing you there!

Ron Lucier
FLIR Systems - Infrared Training Center

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