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Contactors: Why are there temperature differences on the DC and AC bobbins? gunay 10/9/2003
Hy to everybody. My name is G√ľnay ı'm from Tukey
ı have been working about predictive maintenance for 5 years.I have been working in a big car prodaction factory since 1991. I have experiance about especially electric systems, insolations, hot water systems,mechanic systems(bearrings, belds, motors ,pomps ect.)If you want please write me.We have Agema 570. Im sorry for my Englih.My email is
GUNAY gunay 10/14/2003
I have no any board to show my images.But ıf any one wants pictures I can sent him.I am not independent, I work in a special company but in this company only one person use thermal camera end it's me. There is'nt any more person to use this camera. We are 4 workers in predictive maintenance service 1 for thermography and 3 for vibration. During 5 years we found 3000 problems,in all factory.

dc-ac bobbins gunay 11/28/2003
Dear sir when I measure dc and ac bobbins temperatures on contactors there are differance between two bobins.Why there are differances between bobbins. Thanks for your ansvers. And why dc and ac kontactors structures are differance.
second question gunay 12/8/2003
Dear sir I ascek you one question about dc and ac bobbins. But I could't read it. Coult you write me agein please.

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