Message Board Thread - "Is it safe to take IR photograph of person's face?"

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Is it safe to take IR photograph of person's face? electricpete 9/28/2004
I think the answer is yes, because I have seen many photographs of this type. I still have to ask, is this a safe practice?
Re:Is it safe to take IR photograph of person's face? ron lucier 9/28/2004
IR cameras receive infrared radiation just like a video camera receives reflected light. There is no dangerous ionizing radiation so taking an image of a face is fine.

One notable caution, though. Sometimes you see things that may indicate a medical condition. A person in the early stages, and perhaps having, a stroke shows half the face warm, half cooler. Cancer tumors can exhibit concetrated warm areas as tumors require a vigorous blood supply to grow. Make sure you get the person's permission to take the information and don't play Doctor (unless you are one!)

This is such an important topic that at next week's Inframation conference we have both at least one medical paper and on Friday we have a medical clinic, taught by a Doctor who uses thermography in diagnosis of his patients. We even have a Veterinary Clinic if the patient is covered in fur and goe "moo!"

If you cannot attend Inframation ( next week, at least purchase our proceedings and CD. I just saw the first copy yesterday - Gary Orlove, Bob Madding and the rest of the Inframation team have outdone themselves with this one!

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