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IR Contracting Brandon 10/28/2003
I'm looking into starting my own IR contracting business. Can anyone offer any information about how to market this type of work? There aren't any thermography companies within a 150 mile radius of where I live. Information regarding typical fees in any of residential, commercial, or industrial fields is appreciated. Also, I'd like to find out what type of problems people have had starting this type of business. Your hindsight could be very helpful to me.

RE: IR Contracting Gary Orlove 10/30/2003
When I was doing consulting (25 years ago) we had to explain what thermography was and what it could do for the client at each and every sales opportunity. I don't things have changed that much now.

A long time ago, we sold services to the large manufacturing facilities in the area. Now that market has been reduced considerably because many large facilities have their own IR staff and cameras.

So you might find that you have to set your sights on facilities that are too small to justify an IR camera and the personnel to run it, but still are large enough to require IR inspections.

A few areas come to mind, light manufacturing, warehouses, schools, supermarkets (they use a surprising amount of electricity to run all the freezers), hospitals, large office buildings, shopping centers, etc. Many of the people in charge of maintaining these facilities are not familiar with IR so the education process is essential. Put together a nice brochure and a Powerpoint presentation. Stress what IR can do for them to reduce downtime, improve productivity, improve safety in dollars and cents but also from an emotional viewpoint.

Insurance companies are another good source to tap, as they reduce their risk if a facility passes an IR inspection. The client usually benefits too with lower premiums.

One of the best places to get info and network are the conferences like InfraMation ( ). You will be amazed at the contacts and info you will get by talking to people at the exhibits and breaks.

One application that I would recommend would be the roofing moisture detection. Once you understand roofs, the application can be quite straightforward, and it is probably one of the most lucrative of the applications.

Check for case histories around the web, I know there are some at

Hope this helps,

Gary Orlove
Infrared Training Center
Stewart - Irt Surveys stewart 11/6/2003
Your querie and the answer given by Gary is exactly what we did 2 years ago!

We specialise in flat roofing and have found this market to pay good rates and also be fairly ignorate as to the benefits of IRT surveys.

Our website can be found at where you can download sample reports etc. Also an excelent way to get a foot in the door is to carry out CPD seminars, all architects and surveyors in the UK must complete a certain amount of hours of Continuing Professional Development - by providing a lunchtime seminar via powerpoint you meet 15-30 people at the same time for free! They love it.

If you want to have a chat fee free to call me on 01382 562590 (Scotland)

One thing to remember about roofing is that it is dangerous and involves night working at heights - not everyones ideal choice of lifestyle. We also have to work nationwide here to make ends meet. Hope this helps and good luck.


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