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Hazardous Enviroments IR scans.. Manuel 9/28/2004
Hi guys..

There are some plants that the electrical system is explosion Proof, lamps shatter proof and everyting that avoid any possible spark in the air.

Due the fact that thermographers have to "open and expose conections" of eletrical equipment

my fool question is:
how can conduct an ir scan at this type of hazardous enviroments ??

roberto cruz
Re:Hazardous Enviroments IR scans.. Bob Berry 9/30/2004
Most facilities will allow working under a "Hot Works Permit". The requirements will vary from site to site, but generally there is some paperwork, possibly a safety induction and usually carring a device to detect explosive vapour.
Re:Hazardous Enviroments IR scans.. pktsgt 10/7/2004
An answer for the question by Infraspection Institute at there web page

Hope this helps

Intrinsically Safe Equipment

Intrinsically safe test equipment is a requirement for workplaces where combustible gasses may be present. Prior to performing an infrared inspection in such areas, it is important to understand the meaning and importance of this requirement.

Intrinsically safe is a term that applies to test instruments that will not produce sparks or thermal effects capable of igniting a flammable vapor. Intrinsically safe equipment is frequently required in mines, chemical refineries, and in areas where combustible gasses, vapors, or dust may collect. Using instrumentation other than intrinsically safe in these areas could cause a potentially lethal fire or explosion.

Presently, most infrared inspection equipment is not rated as intrinsically safe. Because of this, infrared equipment not rated as intrinsically safe should never be operated in an area where combustible gasses or vapors are present.

In areas where there is a potential of combustible gas accumulation, the area should be sampled for combustible gasses and oxygen content prior to the infrared inspection to ensure that the area is safe to enter. Once area has been deemed safe, the area should be continuously supplied with fresh air and monitored regularly during the inspection.


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