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Services to help thermographers JKEngineer 9/30/2004
Greetings all!

Many of you are aware that in addition to doing IR I also provide FEA and other heat transfer analysis services. These analysis services can help your thermography efforts by allowing you to:

- predict when to look at a transient system (such as one under solar loading or flash lamp testing) in order to find the information of interest,

- calculate the temperature of internal, invisible part based on the external and visible measurements,

- understand how the temperatures that you measure arose.

Remember that the temperatures we measure as thermographers got there through heat transfer. By applying analysis as I have described you can make your efforts more effective, more efficient, and broaden their scope.

I have prepared a tri-fold brochure on these services. Please take a look at it.

If you have needs or questions in this area, feel free to contact me.

If you will be at Inframation, look me up there!

Jack M. Kleinfeld, P.E.
Kleinfeld Technical Services, Inc.
Infrared Thermography, Finite Element Analysis, Process Engineering

Bronx, NY 10463

866-884-6644 toll free
212-214-0919 fax and voice mail or
come see what we can do for you:

see the brochure at:


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