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Magnetic field? Smink 10/8/2004
How and to what extent is a P-60 affected by a strong magnetic field. Do you loose memory in a flash card?
Jim Sminkey
Re:Magnetic field? FSI-603 10/12/2004

It's there another damage if you use the P-60
near of magnetic field?
Re:Magnetic field? Carlos Medina 10/21/2004
I take some images with a magneticc field interference in a P65, if you interest in, see the message boards in spanish, i publish this case.

Carlos Medina
Re:Magnetic field? Steph 10/26/2004
I did some test in high magnetic field, up to 100 Gauss....Watch for the remote/monitor ! I had to replaced is OK.
Re:Magnetic field? Hal 10/28/2004
A number of years ago I used the Agema 210 to routinely survey electrical problems in a zinc electrolytic cell house with high magnetic fields. As metioned previusely I too had problems with eye piece and used a mounted LCD screen to view areas. That camers itself worked without problem. I would also be interested in knowing if there is a problem with flash memory cards in these conditions.
Re:Magnetic field? Thermoman223 11/3/2004
Several years ago, I used an Inframetrics 760. In testing the control gear of a conveyors tramp metal magnet, I had to pass by the magnet. It took me several minutes to work out what was happening, but the camera just shut down once I moved with in several feet of the magnet. No damage to the camera or stored images. (1.44M disks)

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