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Reporter Pro 7 or 2002 Edition gwebb 10/12/2004
Which is easier to use Pro 7 or Reporter 2000 (2002 Edition)? We just got a new P65 and our old software will not work with the new camera.I have my reports set up like I want them and would really like to keep it simple. Any advice would be appreciated
Re:Reporter Pro 7 or 2002 Edition Manuel 10/12/2004
for my personal experience ..

- irwin 5.3 (very easy)
- then reporter 2000 (heart of software is almost the same)


Re:Reporter Pro 7 or 2002 Edition Jim Haney 10/13/2004
If you don't have any problems with the Reporter 2000 (Dec. 2002) then I suggest hanging on to it for a while until Sweden has a chance to work out some issues with the Reporter 7.0. It's stand-alone software that is pretty easy to use. There is even a tutorial on our website for building your own template.

The two software packages are very different in the way they work. Reporter 7.0 is basically and add-in for Word. So, not only will you be dealing with the any Reporter problems until they are fixed, but in addition, all the quirks of Microsoft Word.

Please keep in mind Reporter 7.0 is not backwards compatible with templates and reports made in the older versions of Reporter

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