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Snakes and hot spots .. something to think about.. Manuel 10/12/2004
"Can you think of anything that may encourage snakes to go up on electrical structures? What about this....

Some time ago I saw a documentary on snakes and how they feed..... Snakes target their warm blooded prey by thier body temperature (i.e. birds, rats, etc...) so their eyes are like an infrared camera.

Could it be then....... if there is a Hot Spot on an electrical structure say a switchyard, a pole or whatever... a snake may see this as if it is seeing a prey sitting there and attempt to go for a meal. Most times the snake gets electrocuted and curcuits trip.

What do you think??? Is it possible that Hot Spots on electrical connections cause snakes to put us in a Hot Spot?"

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Re:Snakes and hot spots .. something to think about.. barb 11/3/2004
What an excellent concept. I think you may have something there...
Re:Snakes and hot spots .. something to think about.. Michael 3/21/2005
A couple of things- coming from a snake owner and lover.
1: Snakes are cold blooded animals. They will go to a heat source instinctively to stay warm. This is especially true after feeding to assist in digestion.They can come out at any time, day or night, if it's warm enough for them to be active. Generally, they tend to stay in when it's much below 50 degrees F, and the cooler it gets the harder they are to find out. They are unable to be active in very cold temperatures and can easily freeze to death if they are not protected by a hole or other shelter. In very hot weather (say, over 100 degrees F), they can easily overheat and die if they cannot find a cool place (such as a shaded rock or bush). This is called behavioral thermoregulation: the snake can't internally moderate its body temperature, but it selects sites that will help it do so externally.

2: They use what is called a "Jacobson's organ" to find their prey. Similar to our olifactory systems, but they "taste" the air with the tongue and then bring the smell in to this organ.

3: Just throw a cat up the pole and let it fry, that's as good of an indicator as the fried snake and the world will surely not miss another cat. :)
Unless of course, you care to donate them for feeding...

Re:Snakes and hot spots .. something to think about.. Manuel 3/21/2005
thank michael for your contribution and very ilustrative points.

i have to make inspection at desert, maybe i will find some animals out there, i have instructed that dont move or looking under rocks due probably find some scorpions or snakes..

can you give some security recomendations to walk thru desert and avoid disturb the fauna of place?..

thanks a lot !!


roberto cruz

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