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Reference temperature, background temperature IR Guy 11/11/2003
The reference temperature setting in my pm575 camera can be done manually. I am not sure what the reference temperature is referencing or if I am confusing it with background temperature. I am concerned with having inaccurate measurements.
re:Reference temperature, background temperature Gary Orlove 11/11/2003
Here are some simple definitions:

Reference Temperature: This is a temperature you can set in your camera to set as a baseline to compare temperature measurements. For instance, if you are looking at a 3 phase electrical connection, and phase B is hotter than the others; you can set the reference temperature to the temperature of phase A or C. Then you will have a delta T measurement of phase B temperature above phase A or C.

Background temperature: To avoid confusion we now call this "Reflected Apparent Temperature" or RAT. This is the apparent temperature of the surroundings that radiate to and reflect from your target into your IR camera. It is most commonly measured by placing aluminum foil in line with your target and making an apparent temperature measurement (emissivity = 1) of what the foil reflects.

Gary Orlove
Infrared Training Center

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