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Agema report 5.4.1 and Windows XP Jej 10/20/2004
I used to use the software Agema report 5.4.1 with windows 95, 98 and NT without much hassle. Now I've been migrated to Windows Xp and the software shows black shadows over the template's fields where the information is written. The most difficult part is that it also shows black shadows over the cells where the temperatures appear.

Is there anyway to fix this?

Thanks in advance
Re:Agema report 5.4.1 and Windows XP Manuel 10/20/2004
agema software (IRWIN) is pretty old software, but is very stable. i prefer this instead reporter pro or other newones..

you have to make a choice (maybe Jim or Jason have other options for you)

a) keep working with old windows 95 / 98 and agema 5.4.1 (dont have to pay nothing)

b) keep XP but had to buy an "upgrade" to newer reporter software (expend some houndreds dollars) ..

will be you call..

regards and good luck.
roberto cruz
Re:Agema report 5.4.1 and Windows XP Jim Haney 10/21/2004
Roberto is correct. The 5.4 version is not compatible with Windows XP. The latest version of Reporter is 7.0 and is an add-in for Microsoft Word. I can't recommend it yet due to the lack of backward compatibility with the old Reporter. You can special order an upgrade Reporter 2000 Pro and it is virtually the same as Reporter 5.4. It is compatible with Windows XP and backwards compatible with the older reports and templates. It is also compatible with the newer FLIR camera image format.


Re:Agema report 5.4.1 and Windows XP Jej 10/21/2004
Thanks for the answer. Who should I contact to obtain a quotation?
Re:Agema report 5.4.1 and Windows XP Manuel 10/21/2004
hi jej ..

where are you located?..

can i have your email address?..

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