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distribution transformer- electric Utility Steph 10/26/2004
Looking for anyone who has established any temperature rise curves,alarm stage or inspection program for infrared survey on sealed oil filled transformer for distribution (14,400v/600v)installed outside on poles. Looking for internal problem on coil and core via temperature measurement of oil.
Re:distribution transformer- electric Utility JKEngineer 10/27/2004
I have not established that, but I have proposed a program to do so. I have presented several papers on the use of heat transfer analysis (generally based on FEA or finite element analysis methods) to augment IR. Included in this has been examples of calculating the interior fault temperature for likely fault areas that generates measurable outside faults. This would then be available to the thermographer in the field to look up for the type of equipment, model of equipment, and field conditions. The thermographer would look at a graph, for example of estimated interior temperature vs. measured exterior temperature.

EPRI was quite interested in this, but is now crying poverty. I am open to suggestions as to how to get this funded or how to develop it and sell the results to end users like yourself.

You can see some examples on my website, in particular at:
although these don't show the graph. (Sample is below)

Comments and suggestions are welcome.

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