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posting images micjk 11/2/2004
how do you get images to post. tried in the builders forum and couldn't get one to go through.
thanks in advance
Re:posting images Jim Haney 11/2/2004
There is an upload image box under the main text type box. Use the browse button and browse to the path of the image you want to upload. Highlight the image file and then click ok. You should see the path in the box. When you click the post button it will post a copy of the image on the board.

Please keep in mind it has to be a common file fomate such as JPEG BMP GIF TIFF.


Jim Haney
Re:posting images micjk 11/3/2004
Thanks Jim,
I rechecked my attempt at posting this morning and it was there. I guess there is a time lag, or p[ossibly I had to refresh the page for it to show. Yesterday all that was there was a square box with an X in it. It came through so I'm happy now. Thanks for the timely reply.
Kind regards,
Re:posting images Hal 11/4/2004
Unless it have been fixed to accept lower case file extensions you also have to make sure that the uploaded file to ITC has upper case extensions. You don't need to change the file, after you "browse" change the "jpg" for "gif" to "JPG" or "GIF".
Re:posting images Manuel 11/4/2004
hi ..

Just for Microsoft Paint User's.

sometimes we make "printscreen" from the image we want to share at forums and then open Microsoft Paints and just Make "Paste".

i had found that if you are using windows XP and Microsoft's "PAINT", you have to save the file including the extension name.

if your image will be saved like "fuses" and just select from the box ".jpg" or whatever extension this will not work.

please be sure that the image name you want to upload be saved including the extension for example "fuses.jpg" and besides select the ".jpg" option from box.


Roberto Cruz

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