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CALIBRATION inquiry for Model: FLIR THERMACAM PM695 arlened 11/20/2003
Hi All,
I tried to register for my account to ask for the CALIBRATION procedure inquiry for Model: FLIR THERMACAM PM695 TYPE: THERMOSCANNER

Can anyone help us.
695 Pat 11/21/2003
Hello Arlene,
Currently the 695 calibration procedure is proprietary to FLIR systems only. I can, however, provide a brief description. The camera, after being cleaned and updated with latest software rev when needed, is checked/and or equalized for image uniformity. All individual detectors must be set to same level before calibration. Camera is then calibrated by looking at many blackbody references within the calibration range. The measurements are recorded creating a calibration curve. The calibration curve is then programmed into the camera enabling the camera to measure temps accurately. Please let me know if I can help you further.
Best regards
Re:CALIBRATION inquiry for Model: FLIR THERMACAM PM695 Vincent 2/27/2008
Hi Pat.
Would you be able to forward me a copy of the user manual for the Flir PM695 please.
The resident technician has immigrated and I am thrown in the deep end. I would really appreciate it if you can hepl.

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