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Thermal camera captures guilty faces, is that possible? Manuel 11/2/2004
maybe you have to take a look to older article (2002).

i will try with my young daughters..

roberto cruz
Re:Thermal camera captures guilty faces, is that possible? Edd Hindmarsh 12/3/2004
I read an article recently stated that if a person is lying, there will be an automatic rush of blood to the flesh at the corner where the eye and the bridge of the nose meet. This is involuntary and cannot be prevented, and it might therefore be considered for use in airport security
Re:Thermal camera captures guilty faces, is that possible? Scott Willits 12/3/2004
Might not a completely innocent person who happens to be very self-conscious exhibit a similar reaction when questioned for no good reason and telling the truth?

I've become very leery of people using IR for purposes to which it is less than well suited or where it can be so easily misinterpreted or misconstrued. While I believe it's got some valid medical applications, I've seen DVD presentations put together by charlatans pushing multi-level marketing schemes for questionable therapeutic devices, and some of the websites out there just make me cringe in horror that my target clientele might ever stumble across them.

We invest too much in our training as thermographers to risk our credibility by promoting its use for applications where it is less than well suited. Using it to detect people who may be endangering airport populations during high risk of epidemic is scary enough -- using it to accuse somebody of lying on the basis of the thermal signature of their face when such characteristics are nearly as unique as fingerprints...well, that's just flat out Orwellian.

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