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What's the best way to inspect cold storage areas? Scott Willits 11/3/2004
I'm working tonight at an ice company with a large cold storage area. My main interest of course is their mechanical and electrical systems, but they are also concerned about buckling and heaving of the floor and walls of the large cold (subzero) storage room. It's in a very old building with little or no underfloor access, so I need to do it from inside the cold room. I did a preliminary check last week and found it difficult to find heat intrusion even in known trouble areas where I could easily see evidence of cold leakage outside the building (and yes, I know that description violates the principals of heat transfer!).

Anybody have experience or can offer guidance with this particular application?
Re:What's the best way to inspect cold storage areas? Manuel 11/6/2004
hi ..

the cool rooms are "sealed" to avoid the cool lost.

if you cool room is relative small, maybe you can guess "how to make negative pressure" inside the room and detect where the warmer air coming from ..

just an idea.

good luck.
Re:What's the best way to inspect cold storage areas? Carl M 11/8/2004
I know a weatherization contractor who built and insulated apple storage rooms. The air is pumped out and the oxegen is burned off then another process removes the CO2 and nitrogen is left. This room must maintain a good seal. They check for leaks when they build the room by connecting a vacuum to the pump fitting (in the door) and listen in the (silent) room for the leaks to whistle. He says they are very noticeable. I suppose with a similar delta-P the warm air infiltration may more easily be seen with IR imaging.
I have an inexpensive ultra-sonic sensor and transmitter that works very well for container and vessel leaks as well as doors, windows and vehicles.
I know this isn't an IR solution but sometimes it's whatever it takes.

Re:What's the best way to inspect cold storage areas? Gary Orlove 11/11/2004
I agree Carl, IR is a great tool, but it is always wise to confirm with another technology. Airborne ultrasound is a great way to find pressurization leaks and is more sensitive than IR in most cases.

Gary Orlove
Infrared Training Center

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