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EIFS wall scans ed 11/21/2003
I tried to scan a wall system comprised of a rigid foam insulation and a synthetic stucco covering.
My scans were inconclusive.
Does anyone have specific experience to share?
EIFS Inspections Tony C. 12/3/2003
The methodology to inspecting such wall assemblies is similar to roof inspections. The difficulty is that if using solar gain as a means of identifying moisture entrapment within the insulation, you will definitely experience variations in the thermal signatures due inconsistencies in the solar gain from elevation to elevation. This results in hit and miss results that will not do you or your client any good.

The only effective way to evaluate moisture accumuation within EIFS is to ensure that there is a heat flow through the wall assembly. Therefore 15oC to 20oC temperature differential between interior and exterior is required along with no effects from solar heat gain (which means starting scan approximately 4 to 5 hours after sunset). This methodology will ensure that you obtain consistent thermal patterns throughout the entire building envelope.
EFIS (Exterior Finish and Insulation System) Greg Stockton 12/3/2003
I had done a fair amount of these buildings to find entrained moisture. What I found was that during the night, the water does not show up. You need to survey the building during the day, just after the Sun leaves the target wall.

The sixth slide on this slideshow, shows this well...

Call me (800-248-7226) and I will share some of my experiences with building IR surveys.

Thanks to whomever put this messageboard up!


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