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U calculation max 11/5/2004
Dear thermographers:

Really often we need to know the composition of external walls in order to make an study of energy efficiency. For all I could find, with the thermal camera we can find if there are any structural problems, moisture, air leakage...

My question is if with a thermographic camera is it possible to know the different materials in a wall (brick, mortar, concrete, insulation...). If not, can we at least estimate the wall’s heat transfer coefficient from thermograms?. Do we need any extra equipment (heat flux datalogger)? Is there any known standard to calculate U coefficient from thermography?

What is the difference between Flir B20 (for the construction sector) and other cameras? Any one has used Flir B20? If so, what’s your opinion? Is it worth it?

Any help will be welcome


Re:U calculation Gary Orlove 11/5/2004
Please see this post for information regarding your query.

You can't determine a building envelope's composition by looking at a thermogram. You need to look at the building plans, specifications, and you usually have to perform an onsite inspection to get this data.

Gary Orlove
Infrared Training Center

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