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Buisness Plans Videe 11/20/2004
Hello all;
Now I know many or most of you operate as employees of a larger operation. I am interested whether anyone operates independantly - freelance small business - and has written a business plan for IR work...and if you'd share.
Perhaps there is a database available through ITC or FLIR.. contact of list or on
Re:Buisness Plans stewart 12/1/2004
You can get fantastic business plan templates from your local bank or small business enterprise, such as the Business Gateway in the Uk.

We are an independent and started 3 years ago. To date we have surveyed over 1 million square metres of flat roofs and hundreds of buildings. You can find our website at
Re:Business Plans APEX 12/1/2004
You can buy a very good software package for building a business plan. It is called Business Plan Pro. It will lead you through the process step by step. At the end you will have all the information that your bank will require. It automatically generates all the charts and graphs for cash flow, sales projections, etc. You should be able to get it at any computer store or on line.
Re:Buisness Plans Scott Willits 12/1/2004
Hi Videe,

While I don't think any practicing consultant is likely to share a business plan they've likely invested hundreds of hours in preparing, I presented a paper on getting started in the infrared business at this year's InfraMation conference in Las Vegas just a couple of months ago. I've posted a downloadable .PDF version of the paper at my website:

Just click the 'Downloads' link on the left and it will take to to the link for the paper.

As far as the business plan, you'd be doing yourself a disservice if you don't go through the process yourself. As others have noted, there are a wealth of resources available to help get you started, and I highly recommend you avail yourself of them. As a first step, check out the financial planning basics spreadsheet at this link:

Just open it up and start plugging in numbers. It's guaranteed to provide hours of good clean fun...either that or talk you out of even trying :) Either way, you can't go into business until you understand how costs and overhead will work together, and this is a great place to start.

Scott Willits
Redwood Infrared
Re:Buisness Plans fijidreamer 12/1/2004
I think that several things must be noted, if you are writing a business plan that is designed to help you run a business (of any type) then you will be miles ahead by doing the research to fill in the blanks in a software program that asks the questions and helps you organize your answers into a nice plan. If you are planning on capitalizing the plan (the plan itself is valued, not the assets or the future earnings, but the actual plan) then you must go to a professional. That person will have attorneys participating, the state agencies of your state, the accounting department to back the numbers, and a research team that leaves you so much information your head is spinning. If you plan on getting outside investors I strongly suggest that you do the business plan yourself on available software, then take that plan to a professional, it will save you thousands in the long run. Just so you have an idea, our group has never done a plan for less than $9,000 and national plans or stock or franchise plans are closer to $12,000. We can't help you in this case but there are great teams out there. Kudos to Redwood for sharing cool and useful information! Good luck in your endeavor,

R. Corty Temple
The AURORA Group
Re:Business Plans Videe 4/19/2005
Thanks all for responses. Scott I have read your paper from 04. I was just looking really for a resource to find the current numbers of thermographers/IR buisnesses, growth estimates etc.
Our UK friend have seen great jumps in these numbers...true in the US too -as new markets open.

So, if there is a resource for these numbers I can plug them into what I have as an update...

Thanks in advance to all


Just for fun - I finally caught the dog - after the act!!

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