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Agema 470 Help needed !!! Alejandro Diaz 11/29/2003
Hello, my agema 470 stopped working, the aperture and filter settings stays frozen (even if i turn the controls) and no thermal image appears on the
screen... I got a permanent WRN:NRDY message
┬┐can someone give me any tip on how can I fix this problem?
I am using this system in my thesis, and
now i am in real trouble, because its impossible to afford having the system serviced here in Chile. Any help would be greatly appreciated!!!!


Alejandro Diaz
AGEMA 470 help Pat 12/12/2003
Please call Vinny Adjei at 1-978-901-8444
Thanks, FLIR Service
Re:Agema 470 Help needed !!! thermoimagen 1/30/2004
Alejandro ..
i have the same problem year ago.
i carefully open the camera and i found that the electronics boards are little out, i just reinsert them again i problem solved.

tuve el mismo problema hce un anio, abri la camara cuidadosamente y encontre que unas tarjetas electronicas estaban salidas de su slot, las reinserte de nuevo y asunto arreglado.


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