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Battery Testing Method CuoreT 11/24/2004
Hi there. I'm a newbie here. Sorry if this is off topic. Can anyone out there clear me up about the best method of battery testing(especially for switcgear backup battery ), the pro's and con's,the difference between and effective ways doing it.The method listed below;

1. voltage testing
2. gravity testing
3. timed discharge testing
4. impedence testing
5. conductance testing
6. or there are other testing method?
Re:Battery Testing Method Bob Berry 11/24/2004
Check out BTECH's Complete Guide to Battery Monitoring it can be downloaded for free at
Re:Battery Testing Method Doctir bob 12/1/2004
Thermographers routinely look at battery backup systems that are under trickle charge. Even very low thermal anomalies under these conditions can indicate a serious problem, as the power dissipated in such an anomaly when the battery is producing full output can be 1,000,000 times that produced under trickle charge. Attached IR and visual images courtesy David Gleaton.

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