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Air Travel Brad C 11/25/2004
I'm flying from Vancouver Canada to Toronto next week. Just wondering if I can expect any problems clearing security with an infrared camera.

Thanks In Advance Brad
Re:Air Travel ITC - Canada 11/26/2004
I travel quite extensively in Canada but I ususally send my camera by courier in advance. However, I polled many of my students and they indicated that there should not be any problem with security with carrying your camera on board. Simply indicate to them what it is. It will be a good idea to have the batteries charge in case they ask you to turn on the unit.
Re:Air Travel Brad C 11/27/2004
Thank you for your response. I'm guessing I will probably be meeting you in Mississauga next Tuesday.

Thanks Brad
Re:Air Travel ITC - Canada 11/27/2004
Actually I will be in Alberta. A representative from BSI is conducting the course.

Good Learning!

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