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Nuclear infrared Bob Edge 12/1/2004
I have been asked to perform a survey on one of our US Navy submarines. They want to simulate a catastrophe by securing the reactor, electrical power, ventilation, etc. They would like for someone to be onboard for several days scanning the reactor area to look for any heat intrusion into the space from the water lines leading into the reactor. My question is; can this be accomplished and how would I set up the camera?
Re:Nuclear infrared jdemonte 12/3/2004

Please feel free to contact me at (814) 787-7497 or on my cell next week at (978) 764-9059. I was aboard US Navy subs for part of my career, and would like to help if I can.
Re:Nuclear infrared electricpete 12/4/2004
I believe the Navy will consider most discussions related to testing of nuclear propulsion plants to be controlled information.

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