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IR on PC boards Scuba Steve 12/10/2004
I recently saw an article or posting by a gentleman on troubleshooting a bad batch of PC boards. It involved some components that were rated differently and were causing failures. The thermograpgher "digitally subtracted" the thermal signatures of the two images to develop an IR image with a scale of +/- values. How did he do this? Where is this article? They stopped using the history button on our tool bars at work
Re:IR on PC boards Gary Orlove 12/10/2004

The article you are referring to is in the November issue of the InfraMation newsletter (you can signup to receive it at no charge on the home page of this web site).

Here is a link to the issue,

FLIR Systems ThermaCAM Researcher software allows you to perform image subtraction on images, .

Gary Orlove
Infrared Training Center
Re:IR on PC boards Scuba Steve 12/13/2004
Thanks Gary!! I'm still working on figuring out why I'm not getting your Newsletter emails. How can I get in contact with Frank? You may forward my email address to him. I would like to know how he did the 'subtraction'.
Re:IR on PC boards Scuba Steve 12/13/2004
Guess I should have read the rest of your posting. Disregard my last. Thanks again!
Re:IR on PC boards Scuba Steve 12/13/2004
Your link yields the message below. Is this something additional that has to be purchased with the ThermaCAM Reporter 2000 that we have?
This country is currently not editable in the CMS system.
Please contact James or Brad at Transcendigital to have them enable editting for this country.
Phone: USA 860.677.4922

Re:IR on PC boards Jim Haney 12/13/2004
It was just a dead link.

Try this.

Jim Haney
Technical Support
FLIR Systems - Boston
Office: 978-901-8232
Fax: 978-901-8832
FLIR Corporate: 978-901-8000
ITC Corporate: 978-901-8405
Re:IR on PC boards rpobarton 6/13/2005
OptoTherm, Inc. manufactures a thermal imaging system specifically for PCBA defect analysis. It is called the EL and information can be found at

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