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leasing for 99usd month?? Manuel 12/10/2004
hi flir guys:

i read this at:

Leasing Offer
Or, if youre a beginner or shopping on price, FLIRs offering its E25 infrared camera at a first-time-ever price of $11,950. Lease any FLIR IR camera for as little as $99 per month for the first 6 months.

what kind of camera are available for this price??
which are the requirements o necesary documentation to lease a camera?.

roberto cruz
Re:leasing for 99usd month?? Azar 12/13/2004
All of our cameras are availabe for this special $99 lease promotion. The B2 and E25 are both priced at $11,950*. We work with a third party leasing company that helps us coordinate each lease. Please feel free to contact me directly and we can discuss your situation and help you set up a lease.

Azar Z Louh
Inside Sales Manger

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