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Firewire Recorder chukster54 12/13/2004
I am wanting to find an "outboard" portable recorder that I can use my firewire burst mode output in real time using Thercam Researcher so I can record straight to a hard drive bypassing the onboard flash card. I have upgraded my flash card to a 1GB but I want to record AVI and burst IR.

Chuck Shepherd
Building Science Technologies, Inc.
Re:Firewire Recorder Jim Haney 12/13/2004
When the camera does a burst mode recording it buffers the recording to memory inside the camera. Then when you save it, the data writes to the compact flash card. There is no way to bypass this to an external firewire drive. If you are using an S-Series, or A-Series camera, then you should be able to use the firewire output on the camera to connect to a Laptop with ThermaCAM Researcher. You can do real time recording straight to the laptop. You can use the radiometric sequence file to do post process analysis, or convert it into an AVI file with Researcher. However, Researcher does not record AVI format. The S and A series cameras have the ability to switch to DV mode which will make the IR camera show up as any other digital video camera on your PC. You can then record the output with any digital video recording software. However, you will not have the ability to do any post process analyzing.

Re:Firewire Recorder chukster54 12/16/2004
Thanks Jim for your response.

Let me expand on my request. Yes, I am using an S-60 and in my lab I can record straight from the camera in via the FIREWIRE to a 80gb outboard hard drive slaved off of my desktop thereby bypassing my camera onboard memory, and saving desktop memory,also via Researcher. What I am needing to do is this same operation but out in the field where I only have my laptop and no 120vac. What would be really great if there was something like a really small laptop the size of a Palm etc, that I could put Reaseacher in and perform my IR video with radiometric data just like I do in my lab. Any Ideas???

Thanks...Chuck Shepherd
Re:Firewire Recorder Pelle 1/31/2005

You could try this little pricy device

It is a handheld PC with Firewire port running XP but it is US$2000.00

Pelle S
Re:Firewire Recorder Jim Haney 2/2/2005
So if I understand this correctly you are simply using an S60 with the Researcher Software (you are streaming it back out to an external drive, but you are still using Researcher). Your not really bypassing the internal storage, you are sending data through a different bus. The burst recording holds the sequence in memory then writes it to the flash card when you save it. When you use the Researcher software, the data is received from the IEEE 1394 bus from the camera and written directly to your computers hard drive (in your case back out the bus to an external drive) without holding it in RAM.

You can get a small Sony laptop that has built in firewire. You can also use a PCMCIA Firewire Card. It must have a full version of Windows to run. Tablet PCs use a watered down version and usually don’t work. I've also seen some pricy portables; just make sure they use the full version of Windows.


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