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Camera battery life paulpartin 12/20/2004
I am looking for any tips or tricks to help improve the run time of the Ni-MH batteries we have for a PM 390 cooled camera in the field. They don't seem to last very long to me and is frustrating to get to the top of a structure and have exhausted batteries!

-So far, I have been advised to let the camera warm up on AC power and then switch to battery. Also, in between actual shots, put the camera on standby to save power.
-Is anyone using an adapter to to power the camera from a larger 12 volt battery?
-Is there a better battery technology out there than Ni-MH that will work?
Thanks in advance. Paul
Re:Camera battery life Manuel 12/24/2004
please visit:

this link is spanish but basically says that you can buy bateries equivalent to NP68, and if you need more capacity will have to looking for batteries that are rated 4200mah minimal.

i start my inspections with 6 fully charged batteries and with no problem reach 8 hours inspections without the need to be switching between "stand-by" and "ON" .. just in long walks from one building to another or get up thru stepleters i switch to "standby".

let me tell you that i carry with my a confortable photograpy bag where i transport very secure my fresh batteries, laser pointer and digital voice recorder, besides the digital camera.

regards and merry christmas.

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