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Industrial Air leakage Control ulas 12/21/2004
As you know, the air leakage is the most important problem for a plant. How can-I control the air leakage on the air- pipeline or on the machines.?
If it could being cool air ,we can see the leak on the thermal screen(????)
Re:Industrial Air leakage Control IRJay 12/21/2004
It is possible to find air leaks in industrial or any facility. You will be looking for a cool spot at the point of air escaping. This ventura effect is cooling the surfaces nearby allowing a contrast in temperature. It is very subtle and good thermal tuning must be employed. Using ultrasonic detectors is a very good detection tool also.
Re:Industrial Air leakage Control Manuel 12/21/2004
hi ..

do you know the "air leak tracers" ??..
some of them are in powder shape that turns into traceable gas that you can identify visually.

make a search on your favorite search machine for "air leak detector tracer" ..

good luck
roberto cruz
Re:Industrial Air leakage Control micjk 12/30/2004
I have done air leak surveys at our facility. Although I don't disagree that IR could find cold air leak by looking for cold spot at discharge area, I don't feel that this is a very cost effective method. The surveys that I have performed were done using ultrasonics ( which in my opinion is your best bet.) What I did was use an ultrasonic detection "gun", with airborne detection cone to pinpoint the leak area, then use everyday "snoop" or soapy water to guage the size of the leak looking at the amount and size of bubbles formed. Then you can "ballpark" figure the amount of air lost. If you can get the cost per mcfm from your air supplier (utilities operations) or calculate it yourself, you can then figure your yearly loses and costs. Ours came to @ $50,000/year +/- 15%. Quite a lot of money saved if we fix all that I have logged and tagged.
Re:Industrial Air leakage Control mrmmcgary 1/5/2005
we use and sell ultrasonic detection equipment to find airborne noise (compressed air, vacuum, steam leaks)I find it to be the most effective way to do this since you can be some distance and still find the leaks.

Western Infrared and Energy
Re:Industrial Air leakage Control dgallagher 1/31/2005
Ultrasonic leak detectors are your best bet in identifying air leaks. Here is a link to a variety of ultrasonic leak detection instruments:

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