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nondestructive testing mukho 12/24/2004
I read somewhere that pulse phase thermography can be employed for detection and measurement of defects within coatings . We develop & apply thermally sprayed coatings for demanding industrial applications such as in turbines & boilers . We have a flir thermal imaging camera with which we carry out hot spot detection in static electrical equipment and transformers . But coating QC control is another thing .We wish to detect defect in coatings .
Can anyone please provide info in this area ?
Re:nondestructive testing jhg 1/5/2005
The Indigo Operations division of FLIR Systems has worked with customers over the years who have developed systems using several types of exitation for similar applications. Unless your current IR camera can accept a trigger input it would be difficult to do the required synchronization of the data acquisition with the exitation, though. Please contact me if you want more information.
Re:nondestructive testing tony@siemensLincoln 1/6/2005
Siemens in Berlin has been using Thermography to check that Thermal Barrier coatings are bonded to turbine blades correctly. They have has a system in use for several years made by THERMOSENSORIK (
this company has recently set up a subsidurary in California I believe.
Re:nondestructive testing mg 1/6/2005
We successfully used thermography to detect simulated disbond and oxidation on TBC coating. We also used eddy current to measure the thickness of TBC coating. And ultrasonic to measure the TBC porosity. If you are interested in these NDE techniques for TBC please feel free to email me.


Re:nondestructive testing sudal 5/8/2005
Dear specialists,

I'm very concerned High Speed IR with regard to common IR . What's the big difference between High Speed IR and common IR ?
And what's the point of spectral wavelength values?
Re:nondestructive testing thermosensorik_com 7/11/2005
Hi !
Im a engineer in the Thermosensorik GmbH, Germany. Maybe we can find togehter a solution for your nedded measurement or camra request. Please contact me by email:

We already established a industry system for testing coatings of turbine blades.
I´m not sure what you meant by Highspeed-IR. I think you mean our CMT 256 IR Higspeed Camera System wich is the fastet opersting IR-Camerasystem in the world (880 fps at 256*256 pixels framesize). If you are interested in testing coatings please contact me.
Re:nondestructive testing Dave @ Thermal Wave 9/6/2005

Feel free to contact me regarding NDT of TBC's. We have systems in place in the industry and can test a sample of yours if you wish. Our Pulse Thermographic systems are capable of detecting disbonds and provide thickness measurement. I can forward you literature and sample applications if you wish.
Lens from Janos Shaibal Ghosh 2/6/2006
Can any body share his experience in using the IR lenses / filters manufactured by the below mentioned company.

Janos Technology, 1068 Grafton Road, Townshend, Vermont 05353-9605, Phone: (802) 365-7714
Fax: (802) 365-4596,
w w w . j a n o s t e c h . c o m

Re:nondestructive testing raysassociates 2/8/2006
Can anynoe please advise on whether infrared can detect thicknesses or corrosion on the steel plating of a vessel
Re:nondestructive testing Bob Berry 2/8/2006
In theory the heat transfer rate of a material will change with the thickness. For instance as material thickness increases the heat transfer rate will decrease and as the thickness decreases the heat transfer rate will increase as per Fouriers Law. So you should be able to detect differences in thickness, providing you have a Delta T and the equipment being used is sensitive enough to detect the expect changes. Corrosion should also be detectable as its thermal conductivity will be different, but it may be more difficult to detect.

I have found differences in pipe thickness using thermography, but it is difficult to estimate how much of a thickness difference corresponds with the observed temperature difference as it can vary from pipe to pipe.
Re:nondestructive testing raysassociates 2/9/2006
Dear Bob Berry,

Many thanks for your valuable input

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