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Mastitis and other bovine applications Scott Willits 1/4/2005
I have been asked to speak at an upcoming dairymans' workshop about the use of IRT for dairy operations. My primary focus will be electrical, pumping, etc., but I'd like to explore the veterinary applications as well. I have about a month to collect information and decide if I even want to cover it.

In the meantime, the dairy advisor is trying to arrange for me to meet with a local vet who owns a couple of small dairies, and we hope to collect some data.

He's got no experience with IRT though, and I'm no veterinarian. I did take the equine workshop at InfraMation 2004 -- but that doesn't qualify me to do this stuff as a pro, but I'm hoping that working with a vet, we can put together an application that may have some value.

Any pointers to more information about the use of IRT with dairy herds would be appreciated.


Scott Willits
Redwood Infrared
Re:Mastitis and other bovine applications JKEngineer 1/5/2005
Scott -
Rich Wurzbach presented a paper on IR of dairy herds in his area. I think it was at Thermosense in 2003. You can check the SPIE website, for the paper in their proceedings.
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