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FLIR E25 USB QUESTION diggity202 1/19/2005
Does anyone know if the [camera --> USB] cord for the Flir E-series cameras is proprietary or can it be found elseware? It looks basically like an [S-Video --> USB] cable but i could be wrong. Any help is appreciated.
Re:FLIR E25 USB QUESTION Jim Haney 1/20/2005

The cable is USB (Universal Serial Bus). Standard USB four pin connector on one side and LEMO 6 pin connector on the other. I wouldn’t say it is proprietary since you can buy all the parts to make one. However, it is not a standard USB cable and you would need the pin-out information from the camera. You may be able to get that information from the service department. Please keep in mind that attaching home made cables could possibly damage the camera, and may void your warranty.
Re:FLIR E25 USB QUESTION Jim Haney 1/20/2005
My apologies, the fist post was in regards to the P and S series cameras.

The E series cameras have a standard 4 pin USB connector on one side, and a 6 pin proprietary connector on the other. S video is usually seven pins.


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