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Petrol tank. MCuitiño 12/17/2003
Does somebody have experience in find the mud in the botton of the petrol tank?Can the diference of viscocito of the materials show me diferents temperatures in the tank´s superfice?

From Argentina.
Mud / Sludge in Petrol Tannk Bernie Lyon 1/8/2004
The thermal characteristics and differences in viscosity help you to detect sludge and liquid levels. Check out the July 2001 Newsletter, located in the Newsletter Archive on this site. There is an article, written by Joe DeMonte, with an excellent demonstration of this application.
Re:Petrol tank. walterdaniel 1/30/2004
anything you need I can help you. I have about 4 years inspection on petroleum tanks at Comodoro Rivadavia for CAPSA company. My company is Semapi S.A. Walter Daniel Rodas +54-3489-431111 movile 03489-15510882

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