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Level 1 course Field assignment malik 2/5/2005
Hi All,

Does any one who did the field assignment successfully, can help me out? It will be appreciated if I could see the submitted report,IR immages of Electrical Inspections. I can get some guidlines from that document.

Thanks in advance
Re:Level 1 course Field assignment Ron Cooper 2/5/2005
I have helped a couple of the guys in our shop do their reports. I don't have any samples but each on was different. I don't think there is a set form, what I made sure of was that they utilized the most important part that was taught. FORD focus range and distance. There are so many things that can be checked out with a IR camera that each report will have different parts added to or taken away. My suggestion is to take a picture of what you want to do and set the report up to show what you have found. It doesn't have to be a possible problem, it could be a normal condition or what a baseline would look like. This IR image is of the pillow block on the brush end of one of our gas turbines. This in a normal state and I have used it as part of our baseline report binder. This way any one can flip though the book and have an idea of things that they will see in the feild, without getting worried about thinking they have found a problem.

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