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Sip Panels robertslevi 2/8/2005
I have recently tried many different scans on a home built with sip panels roof and walls, the foundation is insulated blocks. The siding is half log. Is there a right way or wrong way to do such a scan with the temperature differences so close. I have tried to heat the house up cool it down and just leave it the same and it is very difficult to see differences. The owner is having problems with wind and all the air getting sucked out of the house which is causing the heating system to imbalance. The image I have attached is when the temp. outside is 0 degrees and the inside is 75 degrees
Re:Sip Panels dcmcm5 2/8/2005
I am just getting in to infrared work, so I can't answer your specific question. But it sounds like there is an air infiltration problem. Have you tried a blower door test to determine the amount of air leakage and to identify the source? The wind will create a pressure imbalance (negative on the downwind side of the house) and can obviously cause problems if the envelope is not tight.
Re:Sip Panels robertslevi 2/8/2005
trying to download pic again sorry about the first one network problems today if this one don't work sorry. I will try to explain better the image show the outside of the house at 14 degrees and a leakage point the only major one on the whole house around the french doors and that only shows 25 degrees. There is no wind present at the time.
Re:Sip Panels IRJay 2/8/2005
How are you sure the air is being sucked out? Does the house have a fireplace? If the fireplace is not installed or operated correctly this could lead to a negative pressure. How about the air makeup unit which is required in a SIP house? Is it working correctly? Otherwise thermally a SIP house is easier to "shoot" from the inside out. If walls are installed correctly the only leak points is around the lower sections of doors. If the house is in negative pressure like you think you should get a distinct airflow pattern at that point.
Re:Sip Panels craig_pe 3/2/2005
How do you know the cause of the HVAC imbalance? Could be just unbalanced heat loads or a load calculation problem, or duct design/air distribution problem. Doesn't necessarily have to be an infiltration problem. Closing a door separating a heat register from a return path could also cause heat imbalance in a room. How about an abundance of canned lights through the ceiling? SIPS are really pretty good, and as such, you shouldn't see any significant thermal issues except maybe at perimeters.

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